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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aah :) Longest day of the Year,Sunday June 24th.2014

Today out the window of My IMAGINATION,this is one of the views-Oh the colors of Summer.
Yes,Tomorrow is "Summer Solstice" The longest day of the Year.We all think of different sights, sounds and even smells, mostly of days long ago. I remember running barefoot in the grass of Our front yard,playing hide and seek until Mom called Us home in the evening. Summer Camp,huge pieces of watermelon in Our backyard.Oh to be a young girl again on Summer vacation.I wonder what My daughter's memories are and how they differ from My own childhood.I can only be hopeful They have sweet memories.When I was older,but not yet married, I liked to read on the beach .CHRISTY by Catherine Marshell was one of those special Summer memories on Huntington Beach-lifeguard station 3 .What memories of falling in love with all those CA.boys.Oh that's right I was suppose to be reading.

Now  many many hard to imagine years later. This was My" Fine Romance" book of the Year, but instead  of on  the beach, now it's reading in My recliner.
I'm a true fan of Susan Branch. Her Travel journal to England was a fave read this Spring.Her paintings and drawings include a lot of My dreamy color of Summer-Lavender,as the teapots above show.What colors of Summer do You love?

Could it be the teal of the Summer night sky orcould it be the pink coral  of warm sand dunes?

 My teal,coral and a splash of bright white cone for Summer of Color.  Very different from last weeks cone.

Teal and Coral challenge-For Summer of Color at Twinkle Twinkle. 
Blessings on these lazy days of Summer,of which I hope You have many-Denise        (You can get to Twinkle Twinkle from My side bar)


Kristin said...


DVArtist said...

This is a wonderful post. I have enjoyed it very much. Especially you SOC

doodles n daydreams said...

I enjoyed your memories of Summer and you teal and coral summer cone. Of course for us today is the midwinter solstice but surprisingly it is quite a mild day. I'm looking forward to the lengthening days now and the lighter mornings and evenings.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I agree this is a very different cone from last week, but equally as beautiful and colorful. I'm still impressed at how you thought outside the box for this challenge.

Mary Ann Potter said...

What a beautiful blessing to visit your blog this afternoon! Oh, the love of God!!!! I have a saying: "All this and heaven, too." I'm a Susan Branch fan as well ---- her blog's so much fun and so inspiring.

Love your SOC work. Sending blessings from here on the farm.

TwinkleToes2day said...

A beautiful cone in the perfect colours for this weeks SoC theme :D
I was intrigued by your description of Susan Branch and some of her work. I did a little research and am gutted that her work is almost impossible to get in the UK, with the exception of her newest book, A Fine Romance. I looked at her earlier works on Amazon, but they are priced ridiculously high because they come from the US. Such a shame, I like what I have seen of her style. I shall keep looking. Thank you for bringing her to my attention :o)

Sharon Fritchman said...

I love the cone you made for the SOC challenge! I really like how you used the colors. And I loved reading your entire post. I am an avid Susan Branch fan, too!!!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Denise, Just a beautiful post with the beginning of summer and the lazy days of the season.
Love your sweet cone tussie. So pretty and beachy in the pretty colors.
Wishing you a blessed and perfect first week of summer!

Susan said...

I love Susan Branch, too, Denise but haven't been able to get her newest book yet. Haven't had too much extra cash lately. But I hope I can get it eventually.

Nice post. Sincerely, Susan

Carmen said...

I'm loving how different all these Summer of Color projects are that everyone is doing. The bird in the nest peeking out from the side of your cone is a lovely touch :-)

Denise said...

Loved this post, and love you.

Lady Linda said...

I love Susan Branch too! We are just Kindred Spirits dear Denise. Love seeing you on FB!
Hard to pick a color...I never used to like yellow but it sneaks into everything now! Love ya, Lidna

Simply Shelley said...

You made everything in this post sound just wonderful my friend. Wish we could spend a day at the beach together, not a overly crowded beach, but maybe just seaside in Maine with a pinic, a huge umbrella, a couple of Adirondack chairs and your copy of Kristy. We could read it aloud to one another :) I have a copy on my bookshelf, waiting for me to read it.
Sounds like a wonderful day, doesn't it friend. Blessings

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