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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

6 Decorated Cones-One For Each Week In The Summer Of Color.

I'm involved in the Summer Of Color challenge.

I've decided to make

one cone each week of the Challenge.

This week it was yellow,aqua blue,and a dash of hot pink, for any art form You submit.
Thinking of My Parents this Fathers Day.Dad's now 83 Mom passed in 1998 at 66 years old.
That's Me and Dad in the photo below 3 years ago,before My bariatric Surgery.
He's a wonderful Dad :) 
Happy Father's Day to My Daddy and to Your's too.


Denise said...

Sweet, and colorful post my friend.

Susan said...

Hi Denise. I love color, too. Happy Father's Day to your papa. I miss mine. He's been gone now for 25 years. Susan

Kristin said...


MeOfCourse said...

What a great idea, a cone a week. How ingenious! I miss my dad. Your picture with your dad is awesome. Such blue eyes! Have a great rest of the week.

Manon Visser said...

Your take on the color combo is lovely. This would make such a lovely gift for a party.

Simply Shelley said...

Love the colors you chose, your tussie mussies turned out beautifully. Love the picture of your dad and you. Blessings friend

Delvalina said...

such a fun project!

and oh you looked so pretty and your dad is charming as well. :)

and the last picture is very touching. Thanks for sharing this story to us.


Linda said...

such a great idea for the SOC challenge and a way to savor some sweet memories!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Denise, I love your creativity and the cone is fantastic! What a wonderful way to use the SOC colors!!! I love yoru photos, too1

sue :) said...

Cool cone. Super individual idea.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Denise,

I just love your summer cone craft idea! The colors look fantastic, especially with those roses. Have a great weekend.

Penny Stewart said...

Those cones are very creative. Your use of the colors is very well done. Nice to meet you.

Caz said...

what an adorable idea!

Paper rainbow said...

The special cones are a lovely idea. A wonderful photo of your dad too x

Elephangaroo Ramunda said...

I love your idea! I've never made a cone before, you've inspired me to give it a try.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...


First, I apologize for not visiting last week, but time got away from me. Your idea of cones is wonderful and I look forward to seeing all of them. Lucky you that your dad is still alive. I was raised by grandparents and they are both now gone.

Second, thank you for letting me know my link didn't work. When I tried to remove it, I couldn't get the removal tool to work.

Kristin said...

Hi Denise!
You are so sweet to ask if I'm creating this year! I hope so, but I may not have the time. Fingers crossed, I'll get some art in the Summer :) xoxo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Denise, your father is precious and LOOK at your eyes! What a beauty you are! And what creative fun to engage in for these lazy and beautiful days of summer....maybe LAZY on my part, for I read you are busy with the grands! So wonderful that they have YOU to watch over them instead of having strangers do it. BRAVO!

Thank you sweet one for coming to visit me out here in rainy Minneapolis! From your Pico Rivera friend, Anita

Lady Linda said...

Hello my friend, you are so creative. Love the cones. My mom passed when she was 66 too...seems so young. Dad is 85 now.
Hope all is well in your world.
Love ya,

Simply Shelley said...

Love the pictures and the colorful cone you made. Blessings sweet friend

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