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a Christian, wife of 39 Years, Mother, grandma of 10, retired R.N., love to vacation,swim, play with Grandkids, drawing,painting, mixed media,Home Arts, inspirational Journaling.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


My goodness-It's been so long since I've posted.I want to try to be involved with blogging again because I miss all the friends I made over the 7 Years of posting routinely.  before Christmas is upon Us I wanted to wish You all a blessed Thanksgiving and a cozy Fall for those not celebrating TG.
I've been keeping very busy with drawing,painting,decorating planners and now I've been making several Junk Journals-I'm hooked for now and enjoying Myself watching tons of Youtube on Junk Journals,planner decorating and the last few Months I've been watching Dollar Tree Hauls.In case some of You don't know what that is,in the US We have dollar stores and many ladies have Youtube Channels where they show You what they found and do reviews on the products.I never before watched much Youtube but now I do almost daily. I miss all You sweet ladies that use to drop by to say Hello. God Bless You and Your's . A few Photos.....

Love Denise

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Look up and out....

The MoonGirl.....Look up and out not down and back.
 Looking up to the sky on a dark clear sparkly night brings awe inspiring thoughts of the universe to Me as it does to most of Us. I recently felt My Lord speak to Me clearly one night when I was down in the dumps and as usual daydreaming of My cherished past....."Look up and out not down or back." It broke My depressive train of thought and I've been practicing looking up and out.

       Blessings to all of You-Denise                                   

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Please have Me back as Your Friend !

Hello Hello Hello-Well that was wierd.So so happy to be back ! I can't believe how much I missed My Coffeeberry Cottage.
Me and My favorite little things .Tea Times, Brambly Hedge Happenings ,My Hobbits in the Shire....Oh what a relief it is to be Me, My real true self ,full of "MY  IMAGINATION" as Spongebob would say.  I'm hoping all My friends except Me back .Let's... chit- chat,sew and chat, craft and chat or cook and chat. Hasn't Blogging replaced days of old Ladies Clubs?Truly though You won't find Me cooking any more or sewing but it's the thought of those old Womans clubs of other decades long ago. 

 Love, hugs and blessings to You-Denise

Sunday, August 28, 2016

For all those who wish to visit Me and hopefully follow, I am just stating a new blog that I'm excited about......Imagine Joy.....Thank You for all Your Years of following Me and friendship You have offered Me-Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage. I'm going to try to link it up but not even positive it's on air just yet....Maybe it is.Blessings and hugs follow You wherever You go : D..........Here it is ,but please give Me a few days to get it completely ready. Imagine Joy

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Starting My new exciting project.

I'm getting ready  to start teaching and I'm almost done. My excitement hasn't let up. I do feel God's hand started this and will lead Me. I'm listening to His guidance and trying My hardest to hear it correctly. I'm leaning toward a girls club but then go back and feel why leave boys out, although I do find it easier and more natural to teach girls.

A few of My supplies to start with...

  National girls ministries sent Me a huge package of material to read, without Me asking for it. I was thinking... that might be a leading point from God Himself  : )    To My friends who follow Me,will You please say a prayer that God will help Me to clearly understand His direction and guidance for this part of My life-Hugs and blessings Denise Kaye   (Grammie Kaye) Opps I forgot.If You want to peek at My brand new website it's....www.grandmakayssundayschool.com  If You have any thoughts or advice I would love to hear from You.I need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Goodbye-Time for a new adventure...Just like Bilabo Baggins

Welp  Beautiful Friends it's time for Me to say goodbye.It's been a unexpected 6 year fun adventure.Through My Cooffeeberry Cottage I have met so many ladies that have become a joy to call friend.As many of You already know,this has been developing for awhile now.I don't have it all figured out yet but I do feel The Lord leading Me,  although as yet I don't know where.I'll be trying out a few things until I feel the lords hand stopping Me somewhere down the magical path through the forest where He always leads Me. My new blog site  grandmakayessundayschool.com   I'm doing this on My own, might take Me some time.
Our 39th Wedding Anniversary,

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What would You Do?

My Youngest daughter Leanne and Me.
Suppose money was not an issue and You had tons of it.Suppose You thought about hiring a  mentor or a coach for Your personal life or even Your professional life, what would it be for?  Is there something You need help with so much that You might consider hiring a coach ? Turn the question around for a minute, if You could be a mentor/coach  and were offered money for it,what would You consider Your expertise?What Would You love to help others with,say through the internet.It's become a huge
profession since social networking has become so prevalent. I've been thinking about the opportunities.I've been trying to pinpoint an expertise of mine that I could share.I'm wondering if others have thought about it or looked into it.
     So tell Us if You will.What would You think about getting help for or how would You like to give help? Just a big question in My head lately.I would like a business coach or a full time RV living coach.I think I would enjoy helping others too but don't know exactly how.If You can think of interesting mentor jobs can You let Us all know?I'm thinking and thinking....How can I give My Husband a gift of MULA. I need ideas.       Hugs and blessings- Denise   PS... My Husband just says the best way is to cut back on Your spending. Yes I know that one Paul.

Friday, July 22, 2016

A night festival on the Mountain top.Dance Sing Rejoice

The triplets, Maddie, Madeline and Matilda ... The Mad Hatter's daughters, want to welcome You  to their mountain top Tea Party Festival.Join more of the same parties if You wish by hopping over to our teacher and fairytale guide Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist

 The triplet's festival will be held at Grandma Kay's Coffeeberry Cottage. Thier most fave Grammie :)

Guests include all Our tea party loving friends,most importantly YOU.
Other guest are well known Ever After High close friends,a few tea party fairies, gnomes and if were real lucky We might have some much loved famous hobbits dropping by later on in the evening to conclude the party  ; )
We'll go out  and sit back under the trees of the Fairyfew Forest and listen to the old long ago forgotten ballads of the Hobbit's.

For now grab any cup with Your fave drink.I'll be drinking lots of Joe and Peach Ginger Green Tea.Pie will be served in Grandma's favorite dishes all night long including fairy dust sandwiches.You may even take them outside under the stars.Oh the enchantent of it all . Do You see it ? Do You feel it ?Twinkle Twinkle and the whiff of jasmine in the night air.
Those who would rather stay inside will gather in Her Tea Travels Tea room.Oh the fun We will have telling stories, singing and dancing.
all day and into the night,the solemn festival will continue with flutes and whistles taking Us back to the ancient of days.In Our blessed memories of make believe. 

Enjoy and don't be late.....or YES be as late as You desire.I will be Here and so will HE  : D
Blessings of joy-Denise

Friday, July 15, 2016

An inspirational creative space just for Me

Karen Valentine's blog, Desert Cottage,is hosting... Where Bloggers Create. This has been a Yearly party that has a large following of women who love to look at spaces to create in.Many ideas from all types of artistic spaces and the Ladies that own them.Please join Us.   Now for My much treasured comfy room.
 It's a medium size extra bedroom.It's turned out over the Years to be all Mine, except My Husband of 39 Years does sit in the recliner to go on the computer and He's more than welcomed.

From long ago to honor Him in His own Home I did leave His Crash Corrigan signed photo,the cowboy.It is though sourrounded by girly artsy  decor.
 My Husband did give Me His fishing box to keep portable supplies in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I made this magical mirror below to step into many magical forests.See the forest peeking out or leading Me into it and I always can grab a paintbrush as I enter.

 The light was so pretty as I took photos of My bookshelf.
 My dearly loved Grandchildren are in this room for easy to remember thankfulness and prayer needs for them. On the opposite wall My ancestors keep Me company too. (photo below)

 The Italians,Germans and Irish that sent prayers up for Me and gave My Mother and Father all kinds of love.Last but not least the last photo is of My recent collection of matching Bible study planner and case, prayer notebook, illustrated journal Bible,and a Tea Time coloring book.Thank You Jesus for My blessings.I ALWAYS have to remind Myself that even though We are not financially rich, We are so blessed.Thank You for reading My blog.My blog as I've recently said is dying off after 6 Years of being an enjoyment to Me. If You feel We could be kindred spirits and have a lot in common, I would love for You to follow Me,and I will follow You.Blessings and Hugs-Denise                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PS.  One last look at My art desk.  I'm so happy I started doing MUCH MORE art after My last left Home many Years ago now.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

God speaks.

Garden Girl
Ah Yes cool Summer early mornings in the garden.Birds and critters entertaining Me while sitting in the dappled sunlight of the patio. God is so good,and these are some of the times I find it easier to hear His voice.With each site of a squirrel  and each song and flight of the bird, I hear His whisper. Just this morning (as My neighbors and Myself continue to watch Our golf course view and  wildlife  disappear, due to a construction Co. buying and building homes and apartments on it), God spoke to Me."I will always show You the beauty of My world.... birds,critters, trees and more,You will still enjoy. "
   I'm truly having a mojo problem with blogging. I know I've said this recently in prior posts but after 6 Years I have lost My blogging mojo and hope to get it back. My last post was so long ago...I'm trying to hang in there tell it returns. Love and blessings Your way- Denise 
One of my favourite songs that makes me realise God’s always around. — Dancing with God, Verse 1: You dance over me While I am unaware, You sing all around But I never hear the sound, Chorus: Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You How You love me Verse 2: You paint the moring sky With miracles in mind, My hope will always stand, For You hold me in Your hand.