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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Please have Me back as Your Friend !

Hello Hello Hello-Well that was wierd.So so happy to be back ! I can't believe how much I missed My Coffeeberry Cottage.
Me and My favorite little things .Tea Times, Brambly Hedge Happenings ,My Hobbits in the Shire....Oh what a relief it is to be Me, My real true self ,full of "MY  IMAGINATION" as Spongebob would say.  I'm hoping all My friends except Me back .Let's... chit- chat,sew and chat, craft and chat or cook and chat. Hasn't Blogging replaced days of old Ladies Clubs?Truly though You won't find Me cooking any more or sewing but it's the thought of those old Womans clubs of other decades long ago. 

 Love, hugs and blessings to You-Denise


Mary Ann Potter said...

Hello, dear Denise! I am still here! There's nothing quite so sweet as friendly chats, is there? I love the photos you posted here. I am especially fond of the black and white women's club picture --- I am a lover of all thing vintage and keep a nice collection of old photos on my computer. Have a day of bountiful blessings, so many that you can't even contain them. Hope you'll visit my blog sometime soon; I met someone really special back in August and have pictures!

Joyce Mayer said...

We missed you.


Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Denise, Welcome back. I do know how you feel, because I have not been blogging for about 4 months now, but I am back in the saddle and like you enjoying re-connecting with my friends.
I do remember those ladies clubs, actually they still run here in England. My Nan Ivy, was a member of the Women's Institute and she loved baking and making things. I think its a brilliant analogy which you have made, between ladies clubs and blogs. Its wonderful that we are able to connect from all parts of the world.
Again welcome back and have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i'm not sure whats brought you back to your Coffeeberry Cottage but whatever it is i'm happy to see you back... I've always felt very welcome here even though i'am not a christian or religious really in any way....I've missed you. Hugs! deb

Kristin said...

Ooooh, what wonderful postcards and vintage pictures! Yes, I agree, blogging has become a modern version of a women's club. I'm glad to be in yours ;) xo

Miss Merry said...

Hi Denise! Nice to see you back. I tried to go to your Sunday School blog, but couldnt figure out how to get there unfortunately. I have been having trouble uploading pictures to my laptop computer from my new phone. And I cant see well enough on my phone to do a blog. So I am hoping one of my kids or grandkids can help me out. Nice to hear from you again!! Are you planning any tea parties?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Darling, darling DENISE!!!!!!

First of all, WELCOME BACK! And, I just barely saw your comment on my blog. Like you dear one, I have not been present on my blog for a while. My new school assignment at the high and middle schools over the last 4 years have turned my private free time upside down. That in addition to simply getting older and needing down time. I want to thank you so much for visiting me AND YOU SAW THE MAGAZINE????????? I just heard yesterday from Instagram friends that they got their copy. I knew it would be coming out in late September, and I might be getting a complimentary copy, but I really do want to go out today after school to hunt it down! I wish you God's blessings on your venture to start up your own business! YAHOOOO! There is a need and you are stepping up to the challenge to fulfill it! Oh there is so much to be grateful for, isn't there?

Thank you again for coming to visit. I have been trying to plan a post to let my dwindling readership know about the magazine. I hope to put it up soon....God bless you dear one! Anita

Gaby Bee said...

Dear Denise, I'm really happy to see you back in blogland! I've missed you and your lovely posts :)

Gaby xo

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