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Friday, July 22, 2016

A night festival on the Mountain top.Dance Sing Rejoice

The triplets, Maddie, Madeline and Matilda ... The Mad Hatter's daughters, want to welcome You  to their mountain top Tea Party Festival.Join more of the same parties if You wish by hopping over to our teacher and fairytale guide Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist

 The triplet's festival will be held at Grandma Kay's Coffeeberry Cottage. Thier most fave Grammie :)

Guests include all Our tea party loving friends,most importantly YOU.
Other guest are well known Ever After High close friends,a few tea party fairies, gnomes and if were real lucky We might have some much loved famous hobbits dropping by later on in the evening to conclude the party  ; )
We'll go out  and sit back under the trees of the Fairyfew Forest and listen to the old long ago forgotten ballads of the Hobbit's.

For now grab any cup with Your fave drink.I'll be drinking lots of Joe and Peach Ginger Green Tea.Pie will be served in Grandma's favorite dishes all night long including fairy dust sandwiches.You may even take them outside under the stars.Oh the enchantent of it all . Do You see it ? Do You feel it ?Twinkle Twinkle and the whiff of jasmine in the night air.
Those who would rather stay inside will gather in Her Tea Travels Tea room.Oh the fun We will have telling stories, singing and dancing.
all day and into the night,the solemn festival will continue with flutes and whistles taking Us back to the ancient of days.In Our blessed memories of make believe. 

Enjoy and don't be late.....or YES be as late as You desire.I will be Here and so will HE  : D
Blessings of joy-Denise


The Bear's Blog said...

I always look forward to reading about your amazing tea parties. Prudence is at camp but I will read her your post when she calls tomorrow.


Mary Ann Potter said...

How absolutely lovely! I'm sure our Heavenly Daddy enjoys things like this; after all, He gave us our imaginations. What a wonderful thing! Have a blessed day, dear Denise!

Nicole said...

I totally love that black and white tea set! Such a great party. Thank you for having me over!

Laura S Reading said...

The Fairy Dust sandwiches tingle on the tongue!
oh I want to be outdoors but not to miss any of the tales and entertainment inside!
You know I love dancing and music too.
If you have ime in the late, late night, please come visit for a few tunes.

Anne said...

Wonderful Denise!! Thank you so much for your hospitality and having me to your party!
Happy Mad-Tea-ing, Dear!

Miss Merry said...

I love your tea party!

The Stay-at-Home Adventures said...

Such an amazing post! I loved the Mad Hatter triplets! I also noticed that you are a Tolkien fan!

Here is the link to my blog:http://thoughtsfromayoungwriter.blogspot.com/

doodles n daydreams said...

Lots of fun at your tea party.


Justina said...

Hi Denise!
Thanks so much for inviting me! I love all the photos of your cute little dolls and figurines and the fairy dust sandwiches were most scrumptious!

Please stop by my party as well!


Calamitous Botanicus said...

Dolls and gnomes and tea, oh my! Are there any calories in your Fairy Dust sandwiches? It seems like there wouldn't be, so maybe I'll go for a piece of that delicious looking pie, too! Thanks for a delightful party.
Cheers, Sarah

Ricki Treleaven said...

What adorable dolls! This is such a fun party! I would love some pie and green tea, please!

Happy Mad Tea Party!
Ricki Jill

Emily Rose said...

Thank you for the lovely tea party! I love your face cup in particular! Such fun!

Simply Shelley said...

Oh what fun....great tea party. Glad I stopped in and got in on the fun :)

Susan said...

Hello Denise. Now I have never had a fairy dust sandwich and would love to try one. But would I have to fly afterward? Thank you for sharing your imaginative tea party. Susan

Unknown said...

Such a nice tea sets. I hope you had a great tea party. I really like the dolls. They are so pretty!!!

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