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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Halloween Party-From Fanciful Twist.

My guest are arriving and taking their places for a good view of the entertainment.
Mable and Her friends are ready. please join them . Just follow The trail of hints with Your senses attuned  to the sites, sounds and smells of this chilly dark night of Autumn.  

Your hostess Good Witch Leanne. 
Be  very careful on Your way down the path  through the dark woods, because We all know there are many evil witches out there but they are not allowed in My presence so relax once You are here :)

The smell-- o vision works here very well. Take a deep breath and enjoy.More to come...

Just for You.Thank You  Leanne .This one daughter is  just like Mommy, only She's a baker.              Oh Oh....What's the matter whats the chatter in the moon light? What's the creepen and the crawlen that I hear?...Must be Willard don't You know, He's a thriller don't You know and a terror round these parts...round these p  a   r  t   s.......Heee walks around in His UNDERWEAR,His great delight simply is to SCARE---AAAHHH.

Willard !
"Oh Grandpa Gulino!You are so funny and scary,butYou are a good poet."

What?We will have a Irish dancer you say or is that a kung-fu dancer? 
His audience is not quit sure.
"Move over Mable,I can't see the Irish dancer."  

Thank You for coming....I really can't wait for Christmas though.I'm done Shopping ,that's why I had time for a Halloweenie party ; )I'm joining Vanessa at Fanciful Twist for Her big yearly Halloween party.  Denise


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh my word, that first picture sent Prudence RUNNING upstairs, jumped in her bed and covered her head with her blankie.

I'll tell her about those yummy pumpkin cookies and see if that will get her to come downstairs.

Hugs, Happy Weekend ♥

Earlene said...

What a good fun time!!!
Love this ime of year.
Happy Fall

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

What fun! Thank you for sharing your party.

Jennifer Michelle said...

Lovely sparkly skeletons and the baked goods look so yummy!!!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

A very fun party and I loved Willard!!

Please come visit me at The Tearoom!



Kelly said...

I so enjoyed my visit with you and your guests! The smiles tell the whole story and those baked goodies look scrumptious!!! Thank you and Happy Halloween....

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Oh Denise, you are a delight. Looove the sparkley skellies!

Oh, your family is just wonderful!

And that pie, oh my, and cookies too!!

Thank you so much for plunging.

I am not sure why the gremlins were blocking comment, and then I couldn't respond to you on facebook for some weird reason (no reply option). But here we are, we made it through ;)

Pesky gremlins.

You are wonderful!

Thank you so much for joining in the Halloween magic! love, V

Linda said...

Wow! I had an amazing time at your party. Sweet treats and other friends in costumes. Great fun. Please visit me:

Cobblestone Prims said...

Love it....Happy Halloween...and BOO to you...
Kerstin from germany


Gerushia's New World said...

Ohhh, I love all the fun and spooky costumes! I especially love Mable! You have been a lovely hostess!

Gerushia's New World

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Denise. That first photo was pretty scary! What a lovely fun post for Halloween.

Haunted Isles said...

Happy Halloween!

Happy Homebird said...

Happy Halloween, you look like you have a lot of fun and that baking looks amazing.


Laura said...

Wonderful party! I had a great time!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Thank you so much Denise for your kind words about my kitten.
She is not in my shop, she is on Ebay.. I don't have any creations in my shop at this time... If there is ever something you want and cannot shop online, just slip me a note, I am sure we can work it out.

Unknown said...

Willard! Hehe! Thank you for inviting me and happy Halloween, wooooo!

Heidi at

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Vanessa is quite the star, isn't she? Every year she never fails to get everyone (except me!) to join in on the sparkles and FUN! LOVE THOSE SKELETONS IN GLITTER!

Good morning dearest Denise! Thank you for coming to visit my post; my mum died 27 years ago, but writing about here has taken me years to bring to the surface. We never forget each other, ever....especially our mothers. My aunt who is my mom's younger sister, is currently in very bad health, and when I saw her in June, she was losing her mental abilities, but one person she did call out to was....HER MOTHER. Amazing how we are created, no?

Be well, enjoy the holidays, and thank you for your kind words. Anita

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

oh my!
this was so much fun!
thank you for sharing your party!
I especially loved looking at all of the pictures!
your blog is so cute! I love it!
have a wonderful night!

Morgan Ilg

p.s. feel free to check out my blog if you want ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing such fun. I have so enjoyed it all.
Thank you do much for popping over to my blog at Chalky's World and leaving such a kind comment about my hot water bottle and the story behind it.
Love linda

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