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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finally a quiet Fall weekend.

This weekend I have turned My house upside down.I'm rearranging rooms, closets,cupboards,clothes.Goodwill  and out to trash piles.I never do this in Spring,always in the Fall.

I feel very domestic every Fall and usually a lot more carefree and time for travel in the Spring.

I'm peaceful as I clean :)
Cleaning now and memories of cooking for My young daughters.The only part I don't like is Fall  does make Me yearn  for those years of being a housewife and a stay at home Mother for My sweet little girls,but time marches on as they say.
I plan on staying in My nightgown all day with lots of tea and coffee,throwing tons of clothes in Charity bags.I keep clothes way too long.

I'm loving My home this weekend.
Searching every corner and polishing as I go.Enjoying My blessings The One Lord God has given Me.....

.....and thinking of My youngest  daughter on Her 32nd birthday.
Joining the Dedicated House Party Called... Make it pretty Monday.


The Dutchess said...

This is a cosy post..and I am reading it in my PJ's....I know the feeling dearest..xoxo


Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Auntie Denise,

Oh boy, a jammie party! If I was visiting we could snuggle on the sofa and watch a Christmas movie. Maybe some hot chocolate too.

Prudence ♥

Delvalina said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter :)
I enjoy every pictures and story of the season here.
Blessing for you grandma :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. And I sure need to follow your example and do some more cleaning out when I get back to Florida...especially before I decorate for Christmas. Sweet hugs!

Simply Shelley said...

Sounds like a good plan my friend. I am ready to give my home another go around, feeling the need to weed :) Blessings on your week

Never Forsaken said...

To me it makes perfect sense to clean and de-clutter every fall...after all, we are preparing for all those long winter days stuck inside (in our pajamas ;)

I feel the same way whenever I reminisce about my girls.
~God bless~ Lisa

Lady Linda said...

Hi my friend, glad you had a quiet weekend to get things done. It make you feel so good, right! I have been too busy, but loving the grandbaby and taking more time for quilting.

One of my favourite songs that makes me realise God’s always around. — Dancing with God, Verse 1: You dance over me While I am unaware, You sing all around But I never hear the sound, Chorus: Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You How You love me Verse 2: You paint the moring sky With miracles in mind, My hope will always stand, For You hold me in Your hand.