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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to school in the 1950s

This is what many of us looked like.We were darling,yes?
Our dreams.....and our cartoons.

what we wore to school
our lunches.......oh like it was yesterday.
These are the ladies I thought I would look and be like when I grew up

I would marry someone just like Him

How about these men and women,didn't you think this was going to be a little like your future?

I was sure these  ladies would be me in the future..I thought they looked like the ladies in my family.

In reality this is who I turned out to be-what happened to my 1950s dream?


Lady Linda said...

Denise...you sure brought back tons of memories to me with your post. I love the little school dress and am sure I had one very similar!
Great post, as always.
Love, Linda

Thisisme. said...

Hee Hee! Good post, with some real memories of how things used to be!

Melodie said...

Great pictures of OUR era....and if you (and I) turned out to be like Aunt Bea....then we did alright. Andy couldn't have raised Opey without her!!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I went to grade school in the 60's but those images were very familiar ones. When we are so young , we cannot fathom how much things will change in our lifetime. Very thought-stirring .

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Denise, I love Aunt Bee so if you are anything like her I'm sure I would love you, too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Shannon

Denise said...

I'm so sorry ,to many of my friends that I can't comment back to you.I'm having comment problems on my blog I don't even understand-Love Denise

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, dear Denise....you are writing poetry my dear, YOU ARE WRITING SO LOVELY! And the cottages in the previous post are as sweet as my home, Rabbit Hill! And this post, I had a lunch box like that, my mom wore aprons and I also thought I would stay at home just like her. But that did not turn out like I thought it would, but that is fine. I have LOVE in my LIFE WITH GOD AND MY HUSBAND and the gifts that God has given me. YOU ARE SO SWEET TO COME BY and read my post twice. Blessed be Jesus and the life He has accorded us. Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YES IT IS ME!!! Oh how I would wear that outfit in a heartbeat. LOVE YOUR MIND!!! Anita

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