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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My rescues

How come nobody wanted these poor old beauties but me.Some people rescue dogs or cats.I cant help it, I rescue china , pottery and colored glass.Oh how I love the search.The teapot is an Arthur Wood.The cups and saucers are :  the white one on the left is Grosvenor,Jackson&Grosling.The cream colored one is Elizabethan Staff. Some little ol lady tried to repair it ,poor thing. I picked it up for free and have had it just as is for 30 years.Flowers cover the repair.Tablecloth was one of my grannies from 50s or40s


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Denise,
I would much rather rescue teacups and teapots than cats and dogs! As much as I like cats and dogs, I love china more! You got yourself some lovelies! I was looking at your previous posts too and we have the same silver. The Community silverware by Oneida is called Evening Star. My Mum only used hers on special occasions too. Hers was a wedding gift from my grandmother and she has thoughtfully passed it on to me just a couple of weeks ago. I am thrilled to have it!
Hope you're having a lovely week.


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love rescuing china, I have 2 cabinets full. What is broken or chipped I use for broken china mosaics. So, they never go to waste!


Jacqueline said...

Hi Denise!
Good morning from my corner of Washington. I smiled as I read your post...You rescue china, I rescue gnomes!
Blogging today on my dads trains.

Jacqueline said...

Yes, pretty please...snap pictures of those gnomes!
Thanks for commenting and visiting me Denise. Here are some other blogs you might like!

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parTea lady said...

Your Arthur Wood teapot is beautiful - love the unusual handle and lid shapes. The teacups are also lovely.

I like that pretty crystal teapot too.

sissie said...

Hi Denise,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a nice comment. I'm glad you did so I can get to know you.
I'm so glad that you like rescuing china and pottery, someone's gotta do it!!!

I'm following your blog and will be back to see you soon.


bj said...

I'm o, so glad you came to visit. I love meeting you. I also love the photo of you and a grandson..cute!!

Beautiful finds you are sharing today..I so often wonder WHY someone gives away something so sweet. I find things all the time at the thrift stores that I just can't BELIEVE they would part with it. :)

Yes, I do indeed love black and white. I am in the process of gathering things for a guest bedroom re-do, which will be in black white and red...as is most of my cottage..it will be after Christmas before I start work on it..at the top of my I WANT list for Christmas is the quilt I want for that room...hope Santa is PAYING ATTENTION to all my hints. :))
xo bj
oH, and I am your newest follower..

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