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Enjoy your stay
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Road trip 2015,just a few pics out of hundreds.

A wonder upon wonders that anyone can be so blessed to live like this.My fave sites just may have been coming out of Yellowstone on the East side and going into the Grand Tetons,where homes were backed up to great Mountains and with spectacular out of this world views. 

Us in Yellowstone, Yes I know that most people have these same photos but when it's with the most wonderful Man,it's just grand. I did make this trip with my best friend Janet when we were 21, but I don't think We were sober through alot of it.Don't celebrate 21 yrs. with a wonderful trip :  /

Lake Tahoe

My fave hotel on this trip.

Our traveling companions,they have seen huge parts of Our Country-lucky pups.

 all the prairie dog towns surprised Me-thousands live together.

 Tons of animals We don't see in the cities of

Yes, I did find that special corner of the world to renew Our wedding vows.We went down a side road of Yellowstone and found a quiet lonely stream to tell eachother what We have been noticing more and more as time goes on.... "We have become one, truly one person." It really does take time but when it happens it is a joyous miracle. It wasn't Our Ann., I just wanted a little romance.             Blessings I pray for all-Denise

Monday, April 13, 2015

Trysting place in the woods

 Trysting place to renew My Marriage vows during Our vacation.Green woods wallpaper    Just the two of Us in the forest.I'll find a perfect spot to picnic.Of course in real life it may not be this gorgeous but if I start planning it now,it can be just right for Us. I asked Paul this morning if We can do this, of course He said yes but I'm not sure if He will do it without making a ton of jokes through the whole thing,but we'll have a great time anyway.Image result for Coffee in the woods          "We Still Do."
Love to all-Denise

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tea Time Tues. in honor of My three Granddaughters

Just the other day I saw these new dishes at Home Goods.What caught My eye was the purple bird.There were several Spring colors but the purple bird cups were gone so I mixed and matched.

When I want a dessert but have none, I always settle for toast and jam or honey, it always does the trick for Me.Tea,coffee or even cocoa needs nothing more than toast for Me.
 The Tea was from Panera Bread, Honey Ginseng green Tea .....I love it, by Republic of Tea. I can actually say it's now one of My favorites,I can taste and smell the honey in it.So smooth :)

Here's to My try at teaching My 2 year old Granddaughter to have a tea party.

Well it didn't go exactly as I had planned but We both had fun.All the guest were in a circle with cups ect...when I started,Maddie had other plans I suppose.

Princess Sofia getting a bottle. I'm not giving up on Maddie though, by the time I'm done teaching Her she'll be ready to go out with Grammie like Her cousin Reanna has.

This is Brooke 23 today-Happy Birthday Brooke- and I use to play Tea Time with Her too but I have yet to take Her out for a date to Tea. A big hope of Mine. 
Brooke, You can Ord. lemonade or punch if  You rather.   (wink)   ; )

Please join Us for Tea Time Tues ,You can find the hop on My right side bar.Wishing You all a blessed Easter. Hugs to all- Denise

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Easter ideas

Wonderful artist  :)
Mason jar gifts for Easter, via one of the Martha Stewart blogs.  Wouldn't the large white bunny one look perfect as a centerpiece?Always looking for something different for each holiday,Easter included. I have a large family,esp. Children so I need it fun for Me but very reasonably priced.I've picked out a few new ideas for Myself that just  might give You some ideas too. How about lambs?For perfect petals, print out the stencils we've provided here and trace onto your decorative papers. If you can print directly onto your craft papers (they measure a standard 8.5" by 11"), print on the backside of your pattern and cut them out directly.
How about filling the glass up with jellybeans and gluing the half plastic egg on top of the pedals for decor.Here's one thing My families never had....balloons for Easter ! I love this .                          My all time favorite Easter decor..."Behold The Lamb.." Image result for easter lamb decorations  I would love to give all artist credit,As I've said before if You see Your art-let Me know......Happy Easter Hunting-Denise

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The little girl in Us all : )

Afternoon TeaAhh...Spring -Yes !                                  
can you smell them?<3
I'm welcoming Spring today by remembering the little girl I was and how I loved having tea parties with My dolls. I treasure those memories....warm Sun with a blanket in Our backyard, My dolls and stuffed animals and My Mom helping Me prepare. Dolls were big for Me,My favorite toys were dolls.I wanted more than anything to be a wife and Mommy even as a very very little girl.While My Sister was much more interested in the outdoors and playing around in the neighborhood,being the athletic one She was. I do know Delaine, My Sister, treasures that little girl in Her too. As for Me, it was frilly dresses and pretty nighties and playing dolls.I would twirl for My parents and Delaine would just roll Her eyes and go play ball. I was born with a slight disability, but that never mattered to Me. Delaine looked out for Me and helped Me when I was outside.Now that We have grown old,We are still like those little girls.We have not changed very much. Although of course Our priorities have changed since those days. She loves Her Husband and Children as I do My own.She now watches sports with Her Family,I never have.We both cherish those little girls and boy oh boy do We laugh together now about Our growing up Years.
My Sister and Her Husband.
Me and My Hubby.

These are a few of the dolls I own now.I still enjoy them.I reposition them, dust them and yes cuddle the baby dolls. Although I haven't purchased any in Years,I still love these.

Each doll looks like one of My daughters or Granddaughters.
What do You treasure about that tiny girl in You?

Love -Denise

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Keep Calm-Craft On

Hands busy ,mind focused,I like it.I'm a person who can  think too much on personal relationships until I get tense, very tense. Arts and Crafts are one activity out of very few that can take My mind off of My personal relationships.

These are a few of My lastest.... An old miniature box I fixed up for My own pleasure. It started with Me learning about Frozen Charlotte Dolls  and the story of Fair Charlotte that goes along with them. In one of the tiny cubbies I wanted to find a sleigh for dear sorry Charlotte.Goggle Her if You don't know about Her. I was thinking about  doing a post on the legend,so many others have done so.
This paper wall hanging is My submission for the Spring blog hop  with Coffee Loving Paper Crafters.
 It was perfect for Me since I do lots of paper crafting and I love coffee  :  )

 The above plaque is for My youngest Granddaughter when She gets Her own room.

 A jar full of cinnamon popperie with color combo of red and purple (My fave combo of colors).

 An old Calif. dried fruit box I just fixed up for one of My daughters.  A Bible verse box,with many of My fave verses in it

 There are more, but enough for one post. The other activities that help Me relax and not obsess about relationships are swimming and vacationing, both with Paul My husband,as a couple of You may already know because I post on those activities too. What activity helps You mentally relax ? Tell Tell Tell. A kiss a peck and a hug around the neck to all My followers-sweet kindred spirits You are.Keep Calm-Craft On. Denise
One of my favourite songs that makes me realise God’s always around. — Dancing with God, Verse 1: You dance over me While I am unaware, You sing all around But I never hear the sound, Chorus: Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You How You love me Verse 2: You paint the moring sky With miracles in mind, My hope will always stand, For You hold me in Your hand.