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Friday, August 28, 2015

Hostess gowns,a little girls dream : )

Attitudes by Renee Jersey Knit Sarong Skirt with Leggings         A modern version of the I love lucy pant-skirt or as they use to call them, hostess gowns. If any of You were grown-ups in the 50s,You might have had the pleasure of owning one.How I dreamt of it for Years as a little girl of the 50s. Well, I found one close to it on qvc, bought it and love it.Mine's in black.

Even other actresses wore them,I'm hoping all women who wanted to got the chance to wear these pretty outfits. 

                                                                                                       Now modern runway models are strutting them,I'm hoping the look comes back but slightly more 50s style.

Well, this one is a modern perfection of the old style.
Do any of You remember fondly a style for grown women that You wanted so badly as a little girl? 
QVC, not spot on but close enough for Me.
Hugs and Blessings.Denise


Anita Diaz said...

I am jumping up and down with delight!! I LOVE those and have often thought about just making an outfit like Lucy's but never have. Oh how awesome to see that look return!!

speedyrabbit said...

Beautiful look,xx Rachel

doodles n daydreams said...

Oh Denise, weren't the stars so glamorous in those days. I used to love the evening
dresses and the beautiful long hair on the girls, they always seemed so elegant. I'm pleased you have found an outfit you've always wanted.
Have a lovely day,


Deborah Montgomery said...

Gloves and hats, especially the hats with the little netting that came over the eyes! Everything seemed so much more glamorous back then!!

Mary Ann Potter said...

What a delightful post! I loved the photos and the memories; I have always been a fifties girl --- I was born in 1945 and used to enjoy shopping with my mother. I loved her aprons, suits, hats, gloves. Still do. And now you have that lovely fashion! Wonderful!

Denise said...

love these so much.

Lady Linda said...

Oh Denise...this is wonderful .How very fun! I love all your photos from the past. I think I would enjoy your new outfit. Wha a fun blog.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I remember my mother making one of these for my BARBIE! I'd wear this any day for entertaining! Oh Denise my friend, thank you for coming to visit me. I have to run off now to get to school, but sending you big hugs and a smile! ANita

Debbie Harris said...

Oh look at this, just wonderful! I too love the look of the 50"s and would love for it to return. I think you should make an outfit and wear it to your hearts delight. :)
I see you had some paper doll images, oh how I loved paper dolls. I would take a paper doll over a barbie or any other dolls any day.

I kept hearing this quiet bell going off and couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from... It was on your blog ~ how cute!

It was so nice visiting with you, Denise.
Enjoy your day ~ Debbie

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