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Thursday, July 9, 2015

In The Sea of Grasslands.

The term prairie itself derives from the word French trappers and explorers gave to the sea of grass they encountered in the center of North America....If You look real closely in all that thick lush grass You might see what I see, tons of little creatures living life working,loving and having tea parties.

Won't You join Us?
It won't be too hard to find Us ;  )

Hurry before the Sun sets.

 There is much activity in the Grasslands,
You can hear it and feel it when the air is still.

 My entry for Summer of Color's 5th week,where the prompt for Our art was 2 shades of green and one of pink.EEKs I just may have put three shades of green OH-OH.

"Good-bye now,please come back soon."
Pink sky at Sunset over the Prairie.Goodnight and......


Valerie-Jael said...

Nice work for SOC, Valerie

Denise said...

would love to join you sweet friend, love you.

Sharon Fritchman said...

I think I can see a little tea party going on in the grass of your beautiful work of art! I love, LOVE what you created using this week's SOC colors! It's magical!!!!

doodles n daydreams said...

I don't mind your 3 shades of green, it looks good.
I enjoyed your post and will join you on a hunt for the little creatures so we can take tea.


The Bear's Blog said...

Good Morning,

I know Prudence would love looking at these "bee-u-tee-ful" pictures but she and Jackson are sound asleep as we travel to Camp Good Bear. I miss them already, it's always difficult kissing them goodbye and leaving. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

The Mom

Wanda said...

HaHa...I love your cheery post and attitude. Your green and pinks nice, but I'm in love with that little mouse.

Have a great weekend.

Linda Kunsman said...

such beautiful thoughts and scenes- I like seeing these with a touch of magic.

Mary Ann Potter said...

What a delight to read this post! I love our art ---- and I would love to see those little critters. Preciousness. The Lord smiles and chuckles when He sees the fun we have down here!

Ayala Art said...

Beautiful, love the texture!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Such a fantastic painting and super fun photos, love the last one. Happy Friday!

Love and hugs

Valerie said...

Funny post with beautiful pictures!
Lovely SOC-entry :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was surprised to learn that you didn't actually live on the plains (I sought out your profile). This looks very much like my home. Of course, I'm nowhere near the mountains. But of course, I came to see your SOC entry and love it. It is so reminiscent of places I drive past when I visit out of town friends.

Robyn Oliver said...

Love your photos and your SOC5 artwork captures it all very subtly.

Kristin said...


Jennifer Rose said...

Lived in Albert for about 10 years, and the prairies there can often look like a rolling alive ocean, its fascinating to watch :)

good job with you SOC piece :D

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