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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Christmas Search. My home and much more.

What is it Were searching  for during the Christmas season? The magic of Our Youth,Our Children's Youth? A scene from a  TV movie that brings to mind the way it should have been or wish it would have been in our own life?

Sweet and aromatic smells of holiday foods and all kinds of goodies from Our kitchens,the kitchens of Our Mom's, Grandma's and Aunties . 

The birth of Baby Jesus in the Manger? The Christmas Church service?  Well maybe a few are right on, none of them are wrong or bad,and for Me, I've experienced all of them and more.The glimmer shimmer and shine of it all.

What are We searching for?Our hearts yearn for  something we can not grasp at times. 
 The welcoming door of a home and those in it You love so ?

Gifts given and received,with a big Thank-You and a now warmer heart ? That too yes,all this does make for a warmer heart.

 Four beautiful gifts from Gail at Purple Hues and Me :) Thank You and One More big hug goes to Holly from Cutie Pie Cottage for My rag ball garland,seen on My tree.

                       My search always ends every Christmas with My eyes looking up.There are no words, smells or sites ect.. just yet, I think there will be someday on the otherside,that can describe eternity in HEAVEN. Hugs and miracle blessings to You. Denise   PS...Oh please help ladies...I forgot how to fix the white behind My words,I've tried everything and just want to publish.You can till I fooled around with the template trying to fix it.                                          


Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Auntie Denise,

I think maybe you hit the "caption" button on Blogger when you were loading each picture. If you go back to a picture and click on the picture then click on "caption" that may do the trick. Let us know if that doesn't work.

Bee-u-tee-ful Christmas pictures. And don't stress about the white , it's those pictures that count. (o:

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥

Gail Griffin said...

Denise, your Christmas sentiments are lovely, as usual! Have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family!

Vicky Hunt said...

I had a few minutes to pop over before I leave for my Christmas party. I love the ornaments you recieved...beautiful! Thanks so much for joining the ornament exchange. Have a blessed and beaufitul Christmas.

Hugs, Vicky

Mary Ann Potter said...

A lovely post, Denise, and I enjoyed it in spite of the white spaces! I have no idea how to fix them, but I'm sure there's a remedy on Blogger Help.

One of my favourite songs that makes me realise God’s always around. — Dancing with God, Verse 1: You dance over me While I am unaware, You sing all around But I never hear the sound, Chorus: Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You How You love me Verse 2: You paint the moring sky With miracles in mind, My hope will always stand, For You hold me in Your hand.