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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

One Christian Who say's it's O.K...... if You know in whom You believe.

Oct. brings back wonderful memories to many of Us,even Us Christians.Of when We were little and when Our Children were little. Harvest festivals at church(many were in cute costumes).Crisp nights made warm by Mothers Chilli dinners and  apple desserts,looking for just the right pumpkins,playing with friends in the early evening,  sweaters on, jumping in the piles of leaves.You remember.    
Boys in the neighborhood hiding in tree houses and forts

and Us girls making homes in Our Play houses.Well,at least in Southern CA. this was going on.
My four Christian daughters wanted and have carried on these traditions.Their homes turn toward days of long ago that they remember from Me and My sisters and even their Grammie.

You may see if You visit Me later this month that Yes,I think of Halloween as a secular holiday,filled with innocent fun.I know ALL the arguments against it- I'm a 7th generation Christian, I have heard and discussed it-I know in whom I believe and am not able to be persuaded away from Christ.
BUT.....One thing for SURE is.... I don't want to be a stumbling stone to others that feel strongly the other way.So I will understand if You don't stop by and visit Me late Oct. but Please come back in Nov.    ; )    With love-Denise     joining : Sleep over Sunday


Simply Shelley said...

I love this time of the year, as you mentioned, fall festivals, cutesy little pumpkins etc., but this year with all the reality in the news and such of evil, my celebrating of Halloween will be little if any. Still, I'll celebrate the fall season to be sure and there will be treats for my grans for certain. You put it well as said my friend. To each as own. Blessings

GranthamLynn said...

First thank you for following me. And more important thank you for writing this post.
My daughter has chosen to be very vocal about not having anything to do with Halloween.
My Cowboy and I have the same feelings and traditions that yours did while our children were growing up. My son and DIL live in another state and their children participate in activities in their small community. Some at locals churches. I am Blessed by your post and will be glad to come and visit you. I would love to share your post at some time if you'll approve. I am still praying about a post. Please pray with me. Thank you again.
Many Blessings

GranthamLynn said...

Oh sweetie I wasn't sure my comment worked. My computer acted up and I thought it didn't post. I am glad it did. I was running out of time so couldn't double check. I only have a couple of min. now and I want to look at your pumpkin. I hope I invited you to my Fall linky I think I did. I haven't looked over there yet. Thanks again for speaking. Be Blessed.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

It all looks so festive, Denise.
Thank you so much for visiting Cosmo.. Ravens are just a little larger than Crows, and make a different sound.
Wishing you a wonderful week

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

As a Christian, I have no problem with Halloween because for me, I never think of it anything more than Fall festivities and letting the kids get dressed up for a night of free candy! And even for adults, we work so hard and take care of all the responsibilities. If some want to dress up and be something different for one night of pretending, I say, have a good time!

camp and cottage living said...

We must all live by our own convictions. As long as Halloween is presented in the right perspective I don't see a thing wrong with it. My children were still able to enjoy the holiday for it's fun, but they were also taught the darker side of it.

Unknown said...

It's funny one of my first memories is my mother dropping me off at a Halloween party at church. I really didn't want to go but ended up having fun. I was such a little girl...back then it wasn't an issue, although I can understand more now why it might be. Hoping you are having a wonderful October!

xo Mary Jo

Julie Marie said...

Hello Denise... and thank you so much for your visit and get well prayers... I too celebrate Halloween and love this time of year... I know who I am and I know my own beliefs... I respect others beliefs regarding Halloween although I do not agree with them that it is sinful... all of those innocent memories of childhood that you mention come to my mind as well from when I was a little girl... and think of The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!... pure delight and not one single thing evil about it!... I will definitely be visiting your October posts!... xoxo... Julie Marie

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