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Friday, October 17, 2014

Choose a doll....that looks like Maddie.


Help I can't decide ! For each Daughter and Granddaughter I have a doll or dolls that looks like each one.It's My own doll collection I started Years ago-when We had more money :/ I promised Myself I would only buy dolls that look like them.Some even look like them plus came with their exact name. I felt how much more meaningful that would be for Me and someday for them. The next Granddaughter I still have to buy for is Maddie/Madaline.So I was thinking about getting some help from You.Let Me show You a few that I found in My research.Pick which one You think looks more like Her.I will buy the one most of You agree on. If You find one for Me You can always E-mail Me the photo but I really don't expect that. O.K. here they are..........

This one was taken last Winter :)
I only included the toddler age. I like those dolls more because the child does start getting those cute personal looks. Please help  and join in on My fun :)  Hugs Denise 


Susan said...

Oh Denise.
Maddie is a true LIVING doll baby!

Oh gosh, she is a peach.

I'd pick the fifth one down----with the little pigtails and holding a dolly. Soooo darling. Looks a bit like Maddie.

Take care. Susan

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a darling child she is, Denise! It's at this stage you just wish they'd stay small a little longer! And the dolls, I think that first one really is her twin!!!!

Precious friend, thank you for visiting today. And I suspected that you and your beloved know the love that I speak of....you can both live in a small apartment, in a room, in a regular house, and the element of HOME would still be there. Happy LOVE to you dearest Denise! Anita

Simply Shelley said...

I think it has to be number six, the one with the cute owl on her dress. It was hard to decide though. I kept going back and fourth trying to pick, but that expression on number six looks just like your darling Mattie to me. Can't wait to see which one wins. Blessings sweet Denise

Michele Bilyeu said...

They are all darling, just one beautiful Maddie, but I,also, saw the incredible trssemblabes to the little doll with the owl on her bib.What an amazing gift idea!

Terra said...

Perhaps doll number three. Just pick the one that speaks to you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The next to the last one...with the little pink owl on her bib looks the most like her to me! What a sweet idea! And You know I love dolls! Hugs, Diane

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