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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blended family miracles do happen.

Our 36th Wedding anniversary was yesterday.My Armenian knight and Me had a peaceful yummy
dinner with a lovely view.36 blessed years of love.Our marriage is so easy now and  truly full of laughter.
Paul is the one I give all the credit to for our long love affair.He has always been patient,mature and fun.Oh yes,We have had Our arguments and fought for what We thought was right but love always won in the end.
I was a young woman of 24 at the time,never had been married and had no children.He on the other hand was 33 and had been divorced with custody of two little girls 2 and 5. I 'm saying this only to encourage other young women (if any readers are young : / ) that blended families can work out and not just for the  benefit of others but for you too.Yes, it's a long hard road at times because you didn't fall in love with His children,You fell in love with Him,but with time and  an attitude of meekness You will fall in love with His children too.Now I love them more than words can express and I have for a long long time.You never really know exactly when it happens,it happens over time when your not looking.We went on to have 2 more girls.All 4 girls are miracles in My eyes,My heart is so full.  With patience ,You can have more amazing wonderful Grandchildren that You will love like crazy and that love will be given back to You so easily it just might surprise You. Thank You Lord and  Paul. 


Joyce Mayer said...

Happy Anniversary. I know Prudence will be so disappointed that she missed your special day. I can just hear her now; "Auntie Denise, you have a real special day and eat lots of cake". What can I say? She's my teddy bear.


Happy Anniversary ♥

Delvalina said...

Oh Denise...

This makes me cry...how sweet the Lord is and the love that God has put between you two.

I love LOVE LOVE and LOVE that you said that Love always won in the end. It happens in my family so much and my parent's marriage especially they will turn 28 next month.

You look so amazing and pretty in your wedding. Love it!!



Simply Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary...I love the pictures....good looking people :)

Lovely story too! Blessings to the both of you dear friend

Denise said...

hope you both enjoyed your anniversary. praying you have many more happy years together.

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Happy Anniversary!
Yes, it's always great to hear about loving enduring.

Denise Price said...

Great story. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary mom and dad ! I know it's not always easy, having four daughters, but we all love you both so much ! Cheryl

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You look fantastic, Denise. And what a beautiful share today about your lives together, and the truth about how many families come together....and it's all under the canopy of GOD's love for one another. I was 24 too when we got married, and we are now on 31 years. God is so good. Thank you my dear for coming to visit today! Anita

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

What a beautiful love story and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to both of you!!
Our 35th is on August 12th and since it is just the 2 of us now, things are so much more smooth and easy.... A great stage in life!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Lady Linda said...

Oh Denise, Happy Anniversary! You are just behind us. We just celebrated our 40th today. Thank you for your blog post. Our Ang is married to a wonderful man with a 6 yr old and this just warmed my heart.
Pop over to my blog to see my post on our anniversary.
Love ya,

Mrs A. said...

Happy belated anniversary wishes. Ours is this week 42 yrs. where does the time go . It passes so quick. Hugs Mrs a.

Barb Cady said...

Lovely blog, great post, I've been with my 'Mr' for 45 years, ain't life grand! I'm following you now! Xx

Carole said...

Happy Anniversary Denise. I wish for you and Paul many more years of joyful bliss.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful Denise! I am so happy to know you came to my other "quiet" blog, where I will have no photos, but rather share my poetry writing journey. Thank you for commenting on the concentric circles; yes, I agree with you that the more people accept the changes or rather the cycle of life, the more they may be able to cope with the fact that there is something greater than us. I had such a great summer taking this poetry class that has taught me so much about my writing the process of writing poetry and most of all, about myself as a creator made in the image of God.


One of my favourite songs that makes me realise God’s always around. — Dancing with God, Verse 1: You dance over me While I am unaware, You sing all around But I never hear the sound, Chorus: Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You How You love me Verse 2: You paint the moring sky With miracles in mind, My hope will always stand, For You hold me in Your hand.