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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas dreams no matter My age :

Enchantmentof my dreams


are hiddenin childhood.

Fun createdby the real Mrs. Claus,

My  MotherI loved.

Dreams ofgrowing up
and it all being  real,
raindeerin the mist.

Perfect homesof my  future.

This is the way it will

come truefor me

always,nomatter my age...

Childhood dreams

will forevercontinue.

I cherish them and holdthem close to my heart.

It is here that time of year in an old woman's dreams  she holds dear.  Thank you Mom in heaven. (Linking  to how sweet the sound-pink Sat. on My sidebar


thisisme said...

What a lovely post about Christmas. I so wish my dear mum was still here with us.

Lyn said...

It is a special time of the year x

Susan said...

Hello Denise....Thanks for all your images. Love the one of the little kids dreaming in their beds! It's nice to have the heart of a child, isn't it? Susan

Jacqueline said...

First Denise, I must say, you look really great. I can see the weight loss and somehow I missed the fact you had a stroke prior to this! My goodness! We all have a story don't we?

I'm happy that Thanksgiving turned out well and everyone got to the business of loving each other. That is always what our Lord wants, no matter what. Mine was wonderful but I had a few hurt feelings at the table. The drama of family makes me sad at times too. You are not alone. Our children change, as we do...thank goodness!

Blessings sent for memories to live on with your mom, close to your heart. My artist friend Jody Bergsma (look her up on the net!) told me that my mom had just gone through an open door when she died. That was back in 1992 and I miss her still...and always will.

Have a sweet evening my friend.

The Altered Paper said...

Love your post Denise! Hugs,Tee

Nook and Cranny said...

I love the post!
I wanted to let you know I mailed your cake box out on the 23rd. Please do let me know when it arrives, so I know all is well.
Michele Murray

Jacqueline said...

Dear Mrs. Claus,
I always knew your first name was Denise!

Rhissanna said...

Oh, what a lovely collection of pictures you've collected!The children in bed (dreaming of sugar plums?) is just so pretty!

Lady Linda said...

Lovely post my friend...love it.

Jacqueline said...

I couldn't have said it better! Now that I am the "real Mrs. Claus" I am trying to create those dreams too and I really see it in my grandchildren's love of the magic of the season! Truly, I am on a campaign in my family to convert everyone to Mrs. Claus. They think I am soooo funny!

BTW, that is how I envision Mrs. Claus too. Wherever did you get that gorgeous picture!??

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