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Friday, October 12, 2012

Daughters after My own heart

My daughters are doing what I did when I was young.

Making their homes warm,beautiful and full of fun and holiday memories.I love them so and I'm so proud of them.I miss those days.I wish all of you happy memories and happy fall to all of you.


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Auntie Denise,

Are those pumpkins from your daughter's garden?

You don't have to miss "those days" they are all in your heart and all you need to do is sit quietly and remember. See? It's easy-peasy.

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥

thisisme said...

Hi Denise. Loved the comment by The Bear's Blog - "sit quietly and remember." Lovely! Isn't it wonderful when we see our daughters doing the things that we used to do with them, with their own children.? I am so proud of my two daughters too!

Plumrose Lane said...

Hi Denise ~ thanks so much for your follow up comment, I'm so happy you're pleased with the bracelet! Maggie's a doll!

Mary said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the pumpkins...with beautiful children. I must have found you since google says I have already joined you.

Lady Linda said...

It sure is a JOY to have daughters. How fun to watch them with their families. I still do quite a bit of decorating, esp in the fall. My girls still expect home to be decorated up. My daughter brought her boyfriend's little girl Ava over to see my dolls house, which I do decorate too! Ava is five and so fun for me as I don't have grandchildren...yet!

Jacqueline said...

Oh Denise, you must have been reading my heart. I miss those easy days of making cookies with the kids and planning their Halloween costumes. It was so fun! I miss the soft faces of my kids and kissing them and holding them on my lap the most. I miss drying tears and washing their little clothes and reading to them at night. I miss singing in the car with them and carving pumpkins and teaching them how to rake leaves and all their birthday parties...I could go on and on...

I will be 54 in January. Very hard for me to believe. I feel like I'm somewhere between 35-40 and I would like to remain there. My 40's were very difficult times and I'm glad those 10 years are behind me.

Thinking of you this morning. It's chilly and very stormy here. The kind of day, you want those children home with you again.

Bittersweet comments but from the heart.

I have to get a large manila envelope and your birthday gift will then take flight!

Happy week ahead...JJ

sweet violets said...

I miss those days too!!! How nice to see your children carry on traditions!!! Thanks for visiting and I would love to see your pieces of yellow ware....hugs...cleo

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