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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Sister and Me.The librarian retires!

It's comforting and fun going to My sisters Lovely warm home.Decorated with her classy country style.I'm at home there, as My own home.

Her home is filled with love of the Lord and her family.Grandchildren are nurtured and highly esteemed.

My confidant, like no other.......

She has our father's gift of words that She shares with family and friends. 

I happily anticipate time spent with her.Knowing laughter and comfort is on it's way.

From the beginning of our time,

through all our years,we've been  the best of friends.

Our understanding of each other is not to be compared.We laugh at ourselves and a million little things......she may be afraid of birds and

 loves  casual clothing .......

She is much more athletic than Me  but has always stood up for Me and helped Me up when I fall.

Yes, She even  knows  I love the  frills , the glimmer and shimmer and shine of life.

She loves Her silly strange sister anyways.
I love you Delaine.Come on over right now so we can celebrate your retirement. Diane, baby sister your next!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Best wishes and blessing on your sister's retirement.. May she spend her days full of joy.
Beautiful post.

Southhamsdarling said...

What a lovely post. I am an only child and the older I get, I so wish that I had sisters, so that we could share all our family memories. You are blessed indeed my friend.

Red Rose Alley said...

This brought tears to my eyes, as it reminded me of Nel and Jess. What a special post - it sounds like your sister is your friend too. Some of these pictures are so wonderful. I was wondering if I could use a couple of them? I was going to do a sister post someday, and you really picked some unique ones. I love the picture of the sisters where one has long hair and the other is looking on. What a sweet post this is. Isn't it nice to go to someone's house and it feels just like your own?
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your sister!

Trish said...

Sisters are the very best!!
I am blessed to have 2 really wonderful sisters, so I know just how you feel, Denise!
I love all the pretty images in your post - the first one of the cottage is like my dream home :-)
Thanks for linking up to Heart & Home.
Have a great day!

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