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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gastric Bypass update

Too bad she's not a brunette

Nothing else to do except get My B.P.a little lower.As soon as that happens (with Meds.) I will have an appointment with the surgeon. Yippee!   I've had all the tests and consults required after the classes finished. I started this whole process in Oct.of 2011.I'm curious to see the total time between starting Kaiser's mandatory  3 month classes in Oct. and date of  surgery.Some people say it's almost a year -eeks please no,not that long.Above are some of the  worse photos of Me at my highest weight-only because I'm sure there's going to be the "after" photos eventually.Just promise you'll never show these photo's to any of My old H.S. boyfriends  ;  )wink


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I'm wishing you GREAT SUCCESS! and I'll be praying for you "ALL THE WAY" through!!!
Big Squishy Hugs to you,

artbywendy said...

I know your going to feel so good when you get through the whole process! I'm so happy for you!good luck with everything and I'll be watching for your after pics! :O)

Al said...

Good luck with lowering you BP. Hope that you will be able to have the surgery soon, when it is safe to do so. Have wonderful rest of your weekend.

LuLu Kellogg said...

My insurance required 6 months waiting period and I thought that was an eternity! You are on your way! Yippee!!

I am now 6 pounds below my goal weight so I am maintaining now!!


Thisisme. said...

Wishing you very good luck with this Denise, and I do hope that you won't have to wait TOO long!

Thisisme. said...

Wishing you very good luck with this Denise, and I do hope that you won't have to wait TOO long!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Hello Denise! Thank you for your visit to my blo again. I will keep your sweet kitty in my best thoughts at this sad time. I have been down this road before a number of times...most recent last August with my precious 18 year old Miss Peach. I hold you close...
Your tag has not arrived yet...mine will be in the mail to you this week. I wanted to mail it last week but our best friend was in hospital with bypass surgery...it has been a hectic time.
Keep yourself well and best of luck with all your dreams this year!
<>< Karla

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I have a friend who had it, and she looks and feels great now! I'll put you on my prayer list. Wishing you the best. laurie

kimmie said...

best wishes as you go through all the needed steps ... it will all be for the best I am sure!

cindy said...

Looking forward to following you on your journey.


Queenie Believe said...

I just popped over from The Woodland Fantasy, beautiful blog. You too have a beautiful blog and I'm now a follower.
Both my parents had gastric bypass and it has totally improved the quality of their lives. As you know this is a major surgery and though you are wanting to move things forward a bit faster it is best to make sure all is in place for this life changeing event.
My thoughts and prayers are with you on this journey.
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie Believe

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