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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heaven and earth rejoice-I'll show you a miracle

Heaven and earth rejoice-festival of rejoicing has begun
Even the angels will be there,come with me and I'll show you.

We will go down an enchanted river
it's turning evening-look there we are!
our guide-young  strong and brave
 We've arrived-right in time for the night festival!
We will sing a new song to our Lord.........

This one is it!come inside

our family celebrates life once again
Ethan Charles-Welcome


The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...


Blessings Love and HUGS, Linnie

Simply Shelley said...

Congratulations on your beautiful sweet bundle from heaven....babies are truly a gift from God....blessings

Lady Linda said...

Oh have sweet and darling! Congrats!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh...you are a magical dreamer....and a lover of the AUTHOR of our dreams. Yes Denise, I do love school and I remember my momma in California, every September, would have several back-to-school dresses made for me in plaids and it was so fun. I even love the smell of pencils and glue!!! God only knew I would become a teacher. I never knew that until I was in my forties. AND HAPPY NEW LIFE!!!! She is a sweet baby girl! Anita

Unknown said...


I have had a terrible time commenting too on some blogs! I'm sorry you can't on mine. I have no idea what happened! But, if you can comment under Anonymous it seems to work. However, sometimes I can't find the anonymous button! Frustrating!

I'm so excited that you have a new grandson. What a miracle that must be. I'm not granny Jackie yet. However, when the little girls come to my house to visit they always ask me..
Are you a grandma?
Do you babysit?
Are you a Sunday school teacher?
Can I see your happy room?
Can I see your enchanted garden...
The questions are cute and endless.
I miss you. Hope you got my letter! (sent a couple weeks ago)

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Congratulations ! He is beautiful !

One of my favourite songs that makes me realise God’s always around. — Dancing with God, Verse 1: You dance over me While I am unaware, You sing all around But I never hear the sound, Chorus: Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You Lord, I’m amazed by You How You love me Verse 2: You paint the moring sky With miracles in mind, My hope will always stand, For You hold me in Your hand.