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Friday, July 8, 2011

Memories of Big Bear

AAhh memories of the 50s
There's no place like this place so this place must be the place.

Big Bear,just maybe one of those cars was My Dad's

Grandpa made our campsite much prettier than this,He had tarps for privacy surrounding our two tents and large rugs Grandma would sweep every day.

cute and dreamy....

Old boulder Bay where my parents went as teenagers and newlyweds and where all the 1950s cowboy movies were made.
Driving up San Bernadino Mt's. a few days ago,nice and cool....

The pink line on the horizon is not a sunset ,it's smog.Much clearer nowadays than in the 50s.

What are those wildflowers called?

Crestline village

When I was Growing up we went to Big Bear once or twice a year.In the winters we rented cabins.In the summers we camped at Bruins Campground.It no longer is there and I've been searching Google to see if anyone else remembers it in the 1950s.I've had no luck :(  but My family will never forget it.Paul and I drive up the San Bernadino Mt's.quite often,mainly for me.A couple of days ago we went to Crestline Village for the day.It was wonderful!Thank you Paul


Southhamsdarling said...

Lovely photos for us today, and what amazing scenery. Lovely for you to have all those memories, and I'm glad you had such a good trip.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello sweet Denise...I was born in 1958, so I do not have the same experience of remembering this era, BUT I am a native Californian and do have fond and vague memories of this amazing stretch of country. Rancho Cucamonga is also near and dear to my heart for my uncle had a ranch there in the late 60s where all of us kids would enjoy horseback riding and goats..BBQ goat for that matter! We Mexican Americans enjoy a good BIRRIA!

THANK YOU DEAREST For your kind words about my writing. I am aiming to become a better writer. Heck, I want to be a writer or rather, I want to WRITE. Period. I hope you got a chance to click on the cottage to come and take a seat in my home. ENJOY THE DAY OUT THERE! Anita

Anne said...

Hi Denise! You were up in my neck of the woods (literally!) We're in Lake Arrowhead. Its been gorgeous since summer finally arrived, hasn't it! The flowers on the way up the hill are Scotch broom. They're invasive and CalTrans removed a bunch of it last year, but they certainly are beautiful and smell so sweet, I hope some of it sticks around!

Janet said...

I love the Big Bear area! My daughter used to live there until a couple of years ago. She still misses it. Your photos are great and I love the old postcard, too.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DENISE!!! SO good to have you at RABBIT HILL, our cottage. We love our surroundings and we really do have RABBITS! It makes living here all the more fun. THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK and yes, to see each other via mutual friends is so much fun....I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I am water colouring and I am emailing blogger friends to ask them for advice on how to paint..it is so great to be able to tap into each other's skills!


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