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Sunday, October 31, 2010

After 33 years of gathering dark cherry furniture that I still love,now all this white  shabby chic furniture is so tempting me.What do I do?My husband and I are both at the ages that we physically can't revamp our furniture and were retired and can't buy  new or old wooden pieces.So my answer has been to work around the furniture-my own mixture of style,It's pleased me for many years.I don't know anyway how my hubby would feel about living in a pink home.He already puts up with all the lavender,never says a word.


Bella said...

Hi Denise, I did the same as you and bought cherry... Then started to want the house brighter, and shabbier. I used a lot of white tablecloths and runners for awhile, now I am working on painting some:-))
I read somewhere that a lot of men are a bit color blind, and think pink is red:-)) I love lavender too:-))
Have a great day!

Sherrie said...

I am with you, to paint or not to paint, that is the question. I have several good foundation pieces that I will not paint, the wood finish is to beautiful as is. But when I pick up a new piece that I know I can paint, I go for it. Cream paint and distressed. Does it get any better. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi and for being a follower. I hope to entertain you on your visits. Good luck with my giveaway. Have a wonderful day.

Cheryl said...

I am into the shabby chic style... its easy peasy. Just use spray paint! I like to use the rustoleum paint that says 2x's the coverage. That stuff is awesome and covers beautifully. Start small with something and just have fun :-) If you feel you "have" to sand something, just use the "TSP" stuff (ask at the paint counter for it) it takes the shine right off of something and makes the paint stick better!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the shabby chic is so appealing, but then I do like the warmth of some wood. I do lie the white covered sofas and chairs, but I do have a blacked haired cat! I have a lot of furniture that was given to us or inherited .....some day we may get to replace some of it....but I was just thinking today how I like the warm wood furniture in our bedroom (however!! this furniture went through my MIL's house fire and really is not in very good shape!)

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